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Topic: "SVG"

Main image for project: 'Aiways Interactive Digital Signage App'
Aiways Interactive Digital Signage App
The Geneva International Motor Show of 2019.
Main image for project: 'All3DP: PUR Modal Abo Service (2023)'
All3DP: PUR Modal Abo Service (2023)
A custom abo subscription service for All3DP.com
Main image for project: 'All3DP: Portal Development (CMS) + Mobile (AMP)'
All3DP: Portal Development (CMS) + Mobile (AMP)
We collaborate with the team at All3DP to continuously enhance their online editorial platform
Main image for project: 'Audi Lemans - PWA'
Audi Lemans - PWA
Audi Lemans 2015 - Roadbook App for VIP guests
Main image for project: 'Audi Cup 2017 Lottery App'
Audi Cup 2017 Lottery App
VIP Lottery App for Audi Cup event.
Main image for project: 'Audi Sport - Lemans 2016 VIP PWA'
Audi Sport - Lemans 2016 VIP PWA
VIP PWA for Audi Lemans 2016 event guests.
Main image for project: 'ReactJS Photo Grid Component'
ReactJS Photo Grid Component
The integration of a custom photo grid project.
Main image for project: 'All3DP: 3D Printing Magazin (2015 - 2017)'
All3DP: 3D Printing Magazin (2015 - 2017)
Custom theme and plugin development for All3DP.com
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